#GoingFar is recognised as one of the best migrants support initiatives by the European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network

#GoingFar is one of the three projects selected by the European Migrant Entrepreneurship Network (EMEN) to speak at the M4M call. This project aims to identify migrant-led programmes that support migrant entrepreneurs across Europe and help them set up and develop their business.

As a result, Talita Holzer (founder of #GoingFar) was invited to join a panel discussion about migrant entrepreneurship at Growing Europe. The panelists discussed the needs and challenges that migrant entrepreneurs face and innovative solutions proposed by other migrants. Speakers also include Fridah Ntarangwi (founder of Zidi Circle), Yama Saraj (co-founder of FinallyVC), and Besir Mahini (Secretary General of TAYIAD).

#GoingFar will also be added to the list of best practices in Europe to support migrant entrepreneurship, which will be presented to the European Commission Agency (EASME).

With #GoingFar, our main goal is to support migrant professionals in Ireland to achieve their career goals, with a focus on women and non-binary people. Our mission is to accelerate the development of diverse migrant professionals, by giving them the tools to learn new skills, find employment and/or set up their own businesses through events, training and mentoring programmes.

So far, #GoingFar has impacted over 200 migrant professionals in Ireland by providing them 1–1 mentoring, workshops, conferences and more. Our team aims to keep expanding our impact through key strategic partnerships, for example with companies like Microsoft, Salesforce and DocuSign. These connections allow the migrant community to tap into the vast expertise present in these companies, while also encouraging accomplished Irish and migrant professionals to give back to this community.

Our team is proud of the results so far, but we strive for more. We want to offer more well-structured training to the migrant community to support them not only in finding employment but helping them thrive in their careers. We are looking for industry partners and sponsors to help us achieve these ambitious goals.

An initiative to support diverse migrants in Ireland to advance their careers.

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