Reinventing Yourself

Lilly Spantidaki

STEP 1: Creative Chaos

I painted a wall with blackboard paint, got myself some chalks and divided it into three columns:

  • Read (a ton) of manuscripts.
  • Shortlist the “publishable” ones
  • Rate them (1–10, 1 being “needs re-writing” — 10 being “perfect fit, minor proofing needed”).
  • Present a full report of their ROI potential after coaching the author to edit accordingly.
  • Author branding in line with the brand of the publisher.
  • Enhance the publisher’s catalogue with the best match.
  • Relationship management
  • Can-do attitude
  • Critical thinking
  • Motivating and
  • Social Skills

STEP 2: Pros and Cons

The pros and cons list -I know, it’s a cliché, but it’s true. Each role that I found in column C was transferred into a new board filled with my personal preferences.

STEP 3: The Ultimate Question

Now, I think that’s the critical step. And there’s nothing to write down on this one or keep track of as it’s all 1 question. Perhaps the most crucial question of all.

STEP 4: CV Upgrade

The CV Building. How could I make others, that never met me see what I was seeing when projecting myself into the roles enough to make them pick up the phone and call me for an interview?

  1. Research [articles, blogs]
  2. Followed Recruiters on LinkedIn that are willing to help with CV building.
  3. I took a few online pieces of training [Udemy, edX and LinkedIn Learning have great resources on this]



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